Data Governance & Compliance for Financial Institutions

Every day data governance is becoming more critical than ever. Not only due to increasing amounts of data but also due to business teams having more access to that data and developing government regulations like GDPR on the horizon. The importance of data governance lies in the fact that it can provide organizations with transparency into their information landscapes, and also allows them to fight increasingly complex regulatory and compliance requirements when tackled in a comprehensive manner.

This TBM conference brings you the opportunity to exchange ideas and perspectives with data experts from organisations from across the whole financial services spectrum. We will be focusing on a broad range of current topics within the critical areas of data governance and compliance:  

  • Data governance and the question of corporate cultural change
  • Significance of a strategic approach to data governance
  • Data Science in the absence of Data Governance
  • Turning technological disruption to your advantage: Big data and its impact on data governance or data architecture
  • Data Science & GDPR in a financial organization World Class Data Governance

TBM Group is providing an exclusive platform for professionals to network and benchmark with industry peers, as well as a business environment that encourages deeper discussion of the topics that prioritizes quality over quantity and creates an overall more valuable experience for the attendees.


  1. UBS
  2. Nordea
  3. Metro Bank
  4. Kreditech
  5. European Investment Bank
  6. Caspital One
  7. Paysafe
  8. NN Investment Partners
  9. LLOYD’S
  10. ING
  11. Deutsche Börse
  12. ABN AMRO


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Frankfurt am Main , Germany

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Frankfurt am Main