Assistant/ Associate Professor, Microbiology

Job Duties

1. Serves as an educator ensuring the quality, integrity, and defined standards within faculty’s discipline.
1.1. Develop and deliver content in collaboration with Program Directors and Department Chairs ensuring essential elements [quality, integrity, adequacy, consistency, student use/results/impact etc.] adhere to and exceed, as defined by the relevant governing body accreditation, requirements and the University’s mission (ensuring appropriateness of educational experiences, identifying opportunities to build and enhance the educational experience, providing constructive feedback, documenting findings, etc.)
1.2. Maintains content expertise within discipline and contributing to the curricular model (Sequential progression, elimination of redundancies curricular mapping, Blooms taxonomy) and delivery modalities of that coursework for which the unit is responsible, and recommends changes when appropriate.
1.3. Ensures teaching is current, appropriate and inter-related, and where applicable, support and build upon previous learning experience content (integrate emerging knowledge with practical longitudinal clinical experience, aligning learning objectives and process) increasing student understanding of subject matter. 
1.4. Works effectively as a team member to enhance and improve curricula, including potential opportunities for collaborative efforts within the department or with outside individuals, programs, or departments; maintaining a climate hospitable to creativity and innovation.
1.5. Mentors students in University related activities (research, academic advising, student organizations) and to serve as preceptors for students on clinical experiences and community-based service learning activities as appropriate (mobile clinics, global rotations, other health care settings).
1.6. Develop and maintains a working knowledge of various teaching and assessment approaches (small group, bedside teaching, mentoring, lecture, independent practice based learning, evidenced based medicine approach, simulation including institutional simulation, online learning and interactive video scenario, standardized patient).

2. Accomplish research
2.1. Collaborate and/or mentors with faculty, staff and students (internal and external) to develop and implement research topics (including formulating concepts, brainstorming approaches, organizing ideas, collecting, analyzing and synthesizing data) in support of preparation of manuscripts for publication and submission for intramural and extramural educational grants leading to the execution of scholarly research (facilitating the preparation, modifying and refining of proposals and applications, seeking external funding, developing and maintaining positive rapport with funding agencies, etc.)
2.2. Present on a variety of research and scholarly topics (Conference presentation, manuscripts for publication) locally, nationally and internationally including developing content submitting for consideration, finalizing presentation and delivering on time.
2.3. Facilitate and/ or contribute towards interdepartmental research collaborations.

3.Actively engages in the advancement of the University
3.1. Builds collaborative partnership opportunities across and among various entities participating in networking opportunities, [internal and external partners, other colleges and universities, hospitals, local organizations, societies, etc.] promoting relationships with the University.
3.2. Promotes and represents the University at local, state, and national events (attending and participating in conferences, serving as a speaker/presenter, networking with colleagues to foster program development, participating in various community opportunities, etc.)
3.3. Refers to and coordinates in advance with the Office of Advancement/Public Relations team on all media contacts, communications, and/or interactions to include message, promotion, etc. in which asked to serve as an official representative, content expert, or spokesperson on behalf of the University.
3.4. Coordination in advance with the Office of Advancement on all Touro related legislative issues to include contact with the national, state, and local government officials, whether in official University capacity or with a national, state or local organization.
3.5. Serves on various committees and teams within the University as assigned (attending meetings, contributing to discussions, sharing/exchanging information, and leading constituents toward goal attainment) to include advising and mentoring (Students, clubs, campus organizations)
3.6. Contributes to University’s compliance with and in the development of required documentation as related to accreditation of all programs to which departmental content is contributed. (Faculty adequacy model, gathering data, self-assessment, peer review, providing input/feedback, etc.) aiding in the attainment of academic compliance
3.7. Is knowledgeable of and remains in compliance with all institutional policies and procedures as outlined in the Faculty Handbook for Touro University Nevada.

4.Contributes to team effort by performing other duties as needed/assigned

Required Qualifications

- Advanced degree in appropriate health related sciences. 
- US citizenship or permanent residency is required.

Preferred Qualifications

- Experience in teaching osteopathic medical, allied health and/ or graduate students. Evidence of productivity in research or other scholarly activities.

- Candidates should have substantial teaching experience, in a US medical school however preference will be given to those with experience specifically in an osteopathic program.

- Solid knowledge of the biological sciences, mathematics, chemistry, and many other aspects of medicine.

- Excellent interpersonal skills [professionalism, diplomacy, judgment, discretion, excellent oral/written communication skills etc.] a must to effectively interact and collaborate with a variety of constituents.

- Must have excellent organizational, time management skills and be detail-oriented.

- Highly self-motivated, self-disciplined, and able to work independently, while balancing multiple projects and meeting deadlines.

- Knowledge and expertise in research design and methodology.

- Familiarity and proficiency in applying biostatistical methods, major statistical analysis software to analyze data and biostatistical models to assess and predict clinical outcomes.

- High level of proficiency in working with all Microsoft applications essential.

- Must have demonstrated expertise in various research endeavors.

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