8th International Conference on Restructuring of the Global Economy (ROGE)

Conference Objectives:

  1. To elucidate an issue that is becoming ever more important as global economies become intertwined.
  2. To learn more of the key concepts and frameworks from all disciplines regarding wide range of contemporary issues in business and management.
  3. To consider the pedagogy for teaching the issue of business & management, including recommendations about topics, syllabi and course materials.
  4. To meet, mingle and network with professionals and colleagues from all over the world.
  5.  To expand opportunities for sharing knowledge between developed economies and emerging economies
  6. To foster and nurture the economic development of all nations
  7. To encourage cultural exchange and develop amity among countries

Benefits of attending this conference:

  1. Learn and acquire cutting edge international knowledge in various disciplines of management from internationally reputed experts.
  2. Recognition of your work on international platform as a participant or paper/poster presenter.
  3. All accepted abstract/full papers will be published in the conference proceedings both print and online version titled “The Business and Management Review”. (Print )ISSN-2047-2854  and (Online) ISSN 2051-8498
  4. Potentially identify your future collaborative partner among international, vibrant and scholarly audience.
  5. Conference attendee voting will determine recipients of conference Best Paper awards which will be considered for journal publication

Example of topics appropriate to the conference includes:

  1. International retailing and diversification
  2. Innovation in retailing, ethical produce procurement and development
  3. Customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and retention strategies
  4. Customer Relationships marketing (CRM)
  5. Consumer attitudes to ecological and ethical issues
  6. Market liberalisation and impact on supply chain
  7. The linkage between international trade and overseas aid
  8. International Trade in the context of the current economic climate
  9. Transparency in government procurement
  10. Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS)
  11. Remittances and their part in trade and export development
  12. The interplay between the G4 and trade round implementation issues
  13. How trade facilitation is conceptualized and made operational in different emerging markets
  14. The role of the Special Safeguard Mechanism (SSM)
  15. The linkages between global trade and corporate social responsibility
  16. The language and rhetoric of import sensitive products
  17. The role of tariff barriers and agro-subsidies
  18. Management and retail marketing
  19. Business management
  20. Business policies, strategies, and performance   For more topics here


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Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, Park End Street, Oxford, OX1 1HP

Oxford , United Kingdom

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United Kingdom




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